Sahanlahti – Lakeside hotel and restaurant, Saimaa, Finland

History of Sahanlahti

The national epic of Finland's Kalevala

Sahanlahti was one of the oldest sawmills in the Saimaa area. The last mill has been shut down 1936, but life still goes on. Closely connected to the history of Sahanlahti is the youngest daughter of the mill chef Johan Koponen, author Elsa Heporauta. She was born in Sahanlahti 1883 were she spent her childhood in this unique nature. Elsa Heporauta is known especially as the initiator of THE KALEVALA WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION and Kalevala Jewellery.

A lot of buildings from those days are still standing, for example the buildings that are presently the museum and the main building with lofts.

The new buildings, like the hotel and the saunas, are incorporated beautifully into their surroundings.

Our gourmet mansion restaurant is situated in the building that was, and still is, the main building of the mill. Attached to the restaurant there is a Kalevala Jewellery shop, which acknowledges Elsa Helporauta. She founded Kalevala koru, which was inspired by our national epic Kalevala.

Sahanlahti, Lietvedentie 830, 52200 Puumala.   Tel. +358 15 468 6178, +358 15 468 6131